10 Great Badminton Doubles Videos

Badminton Doubles is incredibly fast, and exhilarating to watch.  These are a variety of great badminton videos on YouTube: great rallies, slow motion badminton shots, full matches, plus techniques, tricks and badminton tactics. Here's a selection...

Badminton Doubles videos, clockwise from top:
  1. 2004 Olympics - Badminton Men's Doubles final: Lee Dong Soo / Yoo Yong Sung vs. Kim Dong Moon / Ha Tae Kwon - watch Kim / Ha's rock solid defence. Be inspired to learn how to return a badminton smash!
  2. Fu Haifeng has the fastest smash in the world - here it is, poetry in slow motion.
  3. Smashing watermelons, Lee Yong Dae! Watch this then read how to hit a badminton smash.
  4. How to serve backhand: Service is the most important shot in badminton doubles, so this video is well worth watching.
  5. Badminton Tricks UK - We may not win many international matches but we still know how to show off!
  6. Office badminton - always good for light relief :)
  7. Amazing badminton rally at the 2007 All England - watch how important it is to switch quickly between attack and defence formation.
  8. Complete guide to badminton skills & tactics - unfortunately it's in Chinese - but very thorough and clear - well worth watching.
  9. Top 10 rallies - mainly singles but there's also a few mighty doubles rallies.
  10. Here's part of a blistering men's doubles final at the Yonex Japan Open 2009 - follow the link to read about the tournament and watch the whole final on video.
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